Hello there, I’m a nurse student and for one of my classes I need a powerpoint f
Hello there, I'm a nurse student and for one of my classes I need a powerpoint for root cause analysis of medical documentation error. I have the powerpoint ready and All I need is to include the case study I found on this powerpoint. I want you to read the case study which is about Ellie a 85 year old woman and include it in the power point. I attach the details my professor wants and just include the case study in it. You can change or rewrite slide 3-8 by explaining the incidinece and change the rest accordingly. This is from her syllabus, Root Cause Analysis Report (slide presentation) (Worth 35 points of Grade) The purpose of this assignment is to assist the student to acquire skills in analyzing the causes associated with a sentinel event or error in practice. A root cause analysis focuses primarily on systems and processes, not on individual performance. The student will gain knowledge and understanding of the underlying mechanisms which accompany untoward events, and will develop a plan of action to prevent a repeat occurrence. A. Identify a clinical practice error that occurred in your practice setting. Disguise the specific circumstances of the situation so that the parties involved cannot be identified, including the healthcare agency. All discussion of these events will remain confidential in the classroom setting. B. The assignmentrequiresthat you complete and submit the root cause analysis report C. The narrative sections of the reportshould not exceed 10 slides. Refer to Appendix A. Presentation will be a max of 10 slides. Oral presentation will be 8-10 min each. 5 Students will present each week starting Week 3. Sign up for presentation will be posted. 1. Incident Description [1-2 slides] Use this section to describe the incident and its’ consequences, using only the facts. 2. Type of Investigation undertaken [2 slides] Use this section to describe the methods used during the investigation –the 5 WHYs and your diagram. 3. Findings[1 slide] Use this section to describe the care delivery or service delivery problems and what the contributing factors were found to be. 4. Positive Features and Good Practice [1 slide] Use this section to highlight any positive features, good practice or actionsthat reduced the severity of the incident. 5. Recommendations and Action Plan (1-2 slides) Follow the Joint Commission format for development of the action plan 6. Scholarly format (Slides to include introduction, conclusion & minimal 5 peer reviewed resources) Follow APA guidelinesfor reference list, tables, etc. Access information on root cause analysis on the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations website: jointcommission.org/. The specific forms needed are located under the category “sentinel event.” Select “forms and tools.” Specifically you will need the “Root Cause Analysis Matrix,” and the “Framework for Conducting a RootCause Analysis and Action Plan.” The matrix gives examples of specific types of sentinel events with a heavy emphasis on the occurrencesin the acute care setting, but will apply equally in other settings. The framework form can be downloaded and saved to disk (the name of the document is rcaframework.doc). http://www.jointcommission.org/Framework_for_Conducting_a_Root_Cause_Analysis_and_Action

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