Hello. I would like this paper to be four paragraphs, This is a personal stateme
Hello. I would like this paper to be four paragraphs, This is a personal statement to apply into orthodontis residency. I would give you the description on what i want in each paragraph First paragraph: This paragraph should talk about WHY Orthodontics. Talk about how abnormalities in the face affect people's self esteem, talk about the pressure of social media wanting people to have a perfect smile, how people are so self conscious about their looks and appearance and why this would make for an even greater need for orthodontist. You can end this paragraph by saying orthodontist are not just regular dentist to improve oral heal but change the quality of live of their patients Second Paragraph: This paragraph should talk about my experiences in dental school. Clinical experiences, working with patients from a different backgrounds, stregnthening my clinical skills, talk about my orthodontic rotations and how i enjoyed those rotations. Talk about my compassionate nature. talk about me gaining even more knowledge from ortho by shadowing an orthodontist out of school during my free time. Talk about my research that I am currently working on. the topic of the research is comparing the outcomes of traditional braces to clear aligners and why some orthodontist will pick one over the other. Third Paragraph: This should talk about my contribution to my community if given the opportunity to do a residency in orthodontist. Now you can add here that I left my home country in Cameroon 8 years ago in pursuit of a career in dentisty. there was lack of dental education and dental professionals back home. talk abt given me the opportunity will not just help me improves smiles here but also internationally. Thank you and be creative!!!!

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