Hello Everyone! Many topics have been covered over the past couple of weeks. Tra
Hello Everyone! Many topics have been covered over the past couple of weeks. Trauma-related disorders are a hot topic currently in psychology. How do we treat disorders such as PTSD? You tell me. Your assignment is to find any peer-reviewed article which examines evidence-based treatments for PTSD . Here's an example from a leader in the field of exposure therapies: Foa, E. B., McLean, C. P., Zang, Y., Rosenfield, D., Yadin, E., Yarvis, J. S., Mintz, J., Young-McCaughan, S., Borah, E. V., Dondanville, K. A., Fina, B. A., Hall-Clark, B. N., Lichner, T., Litz, B. T., Roache, J., Wright, E. C., & Peterson, A. L. (2018). Effect of Prolonged Exposure Therapy delivered over 2 weeks vs 8 weeks vs Present-Centered Therapy on PTSD symptom severity in military personnel: A randomized clinical trial. JAMA, 319(4), 354-364. https://doi.org/10.1001/jama.2017.21242 Write a 2 page, double-spaced, review of the article in APA7 writing style. There must be a Title page and an APA Reference page with at least your article's citation. You will need to critique the article and pose a couple of your own questions. The article must be have been published within the past 5 years. You cannot use the above example article. This involves a bit of research and critical thought and allows you to build your research skills. There is no specific article to review. This is not a summary of the article, but rather a critique. Please upload your paper and a PDF of the article. See the below rubric for some more guidelines. Tips: Do not add the author name and/or title to reach the page limit. Use APA style for citations. Do not do this: In the article "Super interesting research article about stuff and things" by Dr. Stanly Kubrick, Dr. Stephen King, and Dr. Kurt Vonnegut, the authors discussed an interesting thesis blah blah... - Not APA style This is ok: In Kubrick and colleagues' (2022) article there was an interesting thesis blah blah... APA style Use the actual APA reference style. Do not do this on the reference page: Am. J. Psychiatry - Not APA style Do this: American Journal of Psychiatry - APA style Ask good critical thinking questions Poor Question: What was this article about? Good Question: Why do the researchers focus only on Detroit homelessness?

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