Health Care Fiscal Yeal Goals 2022-2023
I need a power point presentation. I will write the Goals for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 and all I need is for the writer to write the goals and four objectives for each of the goals that can be mesuable and duable. 1. Bariatric Service Line - Obtaining the Bariatric Certification by Spring 2023 (application was submitted) (the champion for this goal is the bariatric coordinator and the CNO) 2. 30% of the LDRP Nurse must be CEFM ( Certified Electronic Fetal Monitoring) (The Champion for this goal is the Director of Women's Services and the CNO) 3. 40% of the ICU Nurse must obtain the certification on CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse) (Champion for this goal is the Director of Patient Care and CNO) 4. Employee Engagement and Employee of the Quater Program (Champion for this goal HR Director, ED and Director of Patient Care) 5. Recruitment and Retention Program (HR, Directors) I need a professional power point presentation like with thre columns one with goals, objective and responsibel parties

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