Guided Notes Assignment — Civilizations: Encounters (Episode 4) While viewing C
Guided Notes Assignment -- Civilizations: Encounters (Episode 4) While viewing Civilizations: Encounters (Episode 4) (Links to an external site.) found in the Readings, Videos, and Resources section of this module, please respond to the following prompts through well-organized and appropriately detailed responses: In what ways could the Benin bronze casters be considered to be ‘historians’? Point to at least two examples from the video. What’s significant about the painting View of a Square with the King’s Fountain? What was recorded in the Florentine Codex? In what ways can it be said that cultural contact with the Aztec civilization influenced the Spanish baroque artistic movement? Describe some of the subject matter and elements included in the art of Japanese Nan ban screens. What are the deliberate artistic elements are added to Japanese Wabi pottery? What visual elements in Maruyama Okyo’s work Cracked Ice reflect the Japanese artist tradition and what elements reflect the Western artistic tradition making this a work of cultural fusion? What subject matter did Dutch artist Jan Vermeer specialize in? What did he capture about interior worlds? Point to specific examples. What was unique about the published work of Maria Sibylla Merian’s The Caterpillars Marvelous Transformation and the Great Floral Flood and how was her work received by the Dutch public?

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