Great Issues I/World of Ideas I Paper 1 Address all parts of this prompt: (1) Wh
Great Issues I/World of Ideas I Paper 1 Address all parts of this prompt: (1) What standard does Aquinas establish to distinguish between just and unjust laws? In what ways does King operate within this standard? In what ways does he revise or expand it? (2) What arguments does Kreon offer to justify his decree in Antigone? Are his justifications consistent with the scope of legal authority expressed by Aquinas? Describe similarities and differences. (3) What arguments does King present to justify breaking an unjust law? In what manner does he believe an unjust law must be broken? Why does he believe breaking the law in this way and accepting punishment will remedy injustice? (4) Contrast King’s arguments for breaking an unjust law and accepting the punishment with at least one of the following: Antigone, by Socrates, or by Thomas More (“A Man for All Seasons.”) How are their arguments similar? How do they differ, in the deliberation before breaking the law and in accepting the punishment? How are their moral and political motivations similar? How do they differ? Guidelines: Paper 1 is due at noon on Wednesday, June 15. Your answer will be a maximum of six typed, double-spaced pages. Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. Do not use a title page. Put your name on the top of page 1, include a title, and start your essay. Your answer should (1) Clearly state your overall thesis and answers to the three questions in your introduction. You must take a position on the questions you address. (2) Show me, don’t tell me. Refer to specific arguments in the text. Include a citation with the name of the author or work you mention with a line, page or paragraph number: (Antigone 1005-1010, Crito 49a, Aquinas Q. 95, A. 2, p. 78, King p. 84) Your essay should include many citations. If you use only class sources, there is no need for a works cited. You do not need outside sources to write an A-level paper. (3) Have excellent style, organization, grammar and spelling. (4) The body and conclusion of your paper should identify relevant points—based on cited textual evidence--where authors agree or disagree. Submission: Your paper is due at noon on Wednesday, June 15. Send your paper through Brightspace and to as text pasted in the message AND as a Word attachment. Once I open your paper, I will send an email confirming receipt. If you have any questions about this assignment, email me at Essay Check-List Introductory Paragraph Does your introductory paragraph introduce a clear, concise thesis statement? Is the thesis statement too vague or awkward? Does the introduction preview all topics addressed in the body? Re-read your thesis statement. Does it address the essay questions? Do you use the personal “I”? Does it have phrases such as “this paper will show that …”? Eliminate them. Body Paragraphs Does your paragraph begin with a strong topic sentence? Is the topic sentence clear, concise, and meaningful? Does your topic sentence introduce a point? Or does it merely state a fact? Do you explain how your topic sentence relates back to your thesis statement? Is every sentence in your paragraph related to the paragraph’s topic sentence? Does the paragraph merely list facts and quotes? Or do you use facts and quotes to further your own interpretation? Does the paragraph contain a concluding sentence that makes a point or transitions into the next paragraph? Does the paragraph logically follow from the paragraph that precedes it? Does the paragraph move smoothly into the paragraph that follows it? The Essay Quotations: Have you incorporated your quotes into one of your sentences? Do you use any stand-alone quotes? Have you placed quotation marks around all the material you have quoted? Have you used any “loose quotes” (re-written sentences from readings)? Does each direct quote or paraphrase include a reference with author and page (or paragraph) number? Style: Identify sentences that use the “to be” verb. Next, revise the sentence by eliminating the “to be” verb and replacing it with an action verb. Do you have excessively long sentences or run-ons? Re-write them as two or more separate sentences. Do you have any excessively long paragraphs (2/3 page or more)? Divide them into two or more separate paragraphs as the topic changes or shifts. Does the paper have a formal or informal writing style? Proof-Reading: Have you given your paper a thorough proofreading for grammar and sound-alike and missing words? Have you read the paper aloud, or have you had someone else proofread it? Plagiarism: Have you used any outside sources? If so, cite them in text and on a works cited section at the end of the paper. Otherwise, you are committing plagiarism.

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