Graded Standard C.3. Integration Techniques. Compare and contrast the different
Graded Standard C.3. Integration Techniques. Compare and contrast the different integration techniques from the course. For a given integral, reason through the specifics about why specific integration techniques are appropriate or not appropriate. Writing Prompts In this written response, you should: Summarize each of the following integration techniques we've talked about in this class. Compare and contrast them, talking specifically about the processes/steps involved, but also what the main goals of each technique are and what kinds of situations they are appropriate: -Substitution Integration by Parts Trigonometric Substitution Partial Fraction Decomposition Pick one of the following integrals, and write a detailed explanation about which integration technique will be applicable. Compare this with one or two techniques that are not applicable, and explain why. Explain the basics of how you will begin to antidifferentiate using the appropriate technique (label substitutions, set up the pieces you'll use, etc.) but you do not need to finish the problem. General Instructions These written responses should be typed and submitted as either a pdf or a Word doc or docx file. It should be written as a small essay, with complete sentences and paragraphs. You can use the equation editor in whatever word processor you're using (Google Docs, Word, Pages, etc.) to include math notation. You can include pictures or visuals if it helps. There is no formal length requirement, but you should include enough detail to make it clear that you understand the different techniques and their goals of each.

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