government paper that includes methods and statistics sections 13 pages… it’s
government paper that includes methods and statistics sections 13 pages... it's a synthesis of 6 evaluations. I included sample synthesis papers that highlight quality work and exceeds my professors expectations. Master's degree level paper Please review original paper with professor's comments. Extremely important to review the professor's powerpoint slides to understand what constitutes an evaluation as 6 are required for the synthesis. The entire synthesis has to be rewritten. Paper must be written and flow in American English (U.S.A), Please complete a 13 page SYNTHESIS of 6 evaluations on Ensuring Success in Schools: A Synthesis of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Please also review the attached draft of the data and methods sections of the synthesis of six (6) evaluations to review and implement the professors feedback (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT) . Please review the attached Paper Examples and follow the same or a similar format to ensure assignment accuracy. Finally, please review the powerpoint for clarity and guidance on what constitutes a synthesis, and what constitutes an evaluation. THIS IS NOT A POLICY PAPER. Makes sure the introduction includes a question that can be solved. The final paper must include: o introduction; o background/literature review; o data; o methods; o results; o public policy (optional) o conclusion) o 12 pt. font; o document page numbers; o direct quotes need a page number; if there are no page numbers state “n.p;” o references in reference section in alphabetical order by last name; o American Psychological Association (APA) 7, author/year of publication style; Please use footnotes throughout entire paper, including page numbers. The data, methods, and results sections are extremely important. Please be an expert in statistics, methods, and data. Word choice is extremely important...It's a SYNTHESIS OF 6 EVALUATIONS SO IDENTIFY AND LIST THE EVALUATIONS AS EVALUATIONS, NOT PUBLICATIONS ETC. Please review previous examples of A synthesis papers to ensure accuracy.

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