-Go to www.sec.gov and locate Form 10-Ks for the recent four years of the two co
-Go to www.sec.gov and locate Form 10-Ks for the recent four years of the two companies. Read the financial statements of the two companies. Collect data and calculate the following ratios. • Turnover Ratios: Asset Turnover, Inventory turnover, Days in inventory, Accounts Receivable Turnover, and Average days to collect Accounts Receivables • Profitability Ratios: Return on Assets and Profit Margin - Use your analysis on the companies’ financial information. Write a report that includes the following: • Perform intra company comparison of each company by comparing financial performance of three years to determine whether the company's operation and performance are stable, improving or deteriorating. Analyze your findings. (35%) • Perform intercompany comparison of the two companies to indicate their operation and financial performance at the most recent period. Analyze your findings. (35%) • Which of the two companies you would prefer to work for as a CFO? Why you choose this company? Based on your analysis, state the actions you would take or suggest improving the company's performance. (30%) - Please use APA format for your report. The main text of the report should include 3-6 pages. The required font is Times New Roman, the required size is 12, and the report should be double- spaced. You may use supplemental graphs or tables. However, do not include calculation steps. Please submit your work using pdf file. Link to Target 10-KS: https://www.sec.gov/edgar/browse/?CIK=27419&owner=exclude Link to Walmart 10-KS:https://www.sec.gov/edgar/browse/?CIK=104169&owner=exclude

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