Given the current prevalence of mobility throughout organizational and individua
Given the current prevalence of mobility throughout organizational and individual communications, what does the future of mobility look like and which devices do you think will no longer exist in 10 years? ANSWER THE ABOVE DISCUSSION, THEN REPLY TO CLASSMATE DISCUSSION EXPLAINING WHY YOU AGREE. CLASSMATE’S DISCUSSION Mobility is a major shift, even in federal IT. Every system will require some form of mobile interface, even if with only limited functionality, in order to compete in the IT market. One key contributor to the increase in interest in mobility is cloud providers, especially Software as a Service solutions. These allow potentially any device from any location to access organization data and systems. This leads directly to the demise of the standard data center as processing and data storage are handled by the SaaS provider, with the possible exception of very large organizations who build their own private cloud-like solutions or groups that deal in highly sensitive information. Specifically, this would remove server farms and any network infrastructure (layer 2 and 3 client switches) that do not directly serve client devices. A step further would be the removal of all wired network devices. Wireless internet (WiFi) is becoming more robust and secure and, with proper design, provide professional level connectivity that completely removes the need for physical cabling to the desk and the entire array of network infrastructure supporting client devices. 

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