Geriatrics and Health Care: Advanced Directives Assignment and Reflection
Take a look at the various forms for Advanced Directives.  Select one or two and fill them out for yourself.  Share them with your selected Health Care Proxy (you may use another form) or other family members who would have to implement them on your behalf.

You do not need to upload your forms.  Please answer the following Reflection Questions (should be 125 to 400 words total):

1. What was my initial reaction and/or feelings about this Advanced Directives? (no more than 50 words)
2. How did you feel about confronting the possibility of being ill and life threatening event? (no more than 50 words)
3. What was unclear about the forms or process, if anything?  How did you get the information you needed to complete them?(no more than 50 words)
4. What went well and why? (no more than 50 words)
5. What would you change and why? (no more than 50 words)
6. What are the take-aways from this activity?  What were the key learning points that you will use in future practice (no more than 100 words)

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