GENERAL SCOPE This assignment is your final assignment for the course. It chall
GENERAL SCOPE This assignment is your final assignment for the course. It challenges you to do the one thing you may be most apprehensive about, writing your own Screwtape Letter. CONSIDERATIONS Write your letter from one demon to another with the topic of how to deal with you as "The Patient." What that means is you will view yourself from several perspectives: From the perspective of a high-ranking demon in the lowarchy From the perspective of a demon in training From your own introspective view where you evaluate your challenges, weaknesses, areas of temptation, and opportunities for growth. DEVELOPMENT Think about the practical realities of living involving food, sexuality, pain, pleasure, time management, church, ministry, and relationships Consider the psychological and spiritual issues that arise (repentance, humility, jokes, isolation, self-esteem, self-consciousness, idolatry, etc.). Ponder the philosophical or theological or political implications that you (as the patient) may grapple with (love, indulgence, gluttony, criticizing, pride, judgment, democracy, doctrine). Analyze relationships that are useful in tempting you to sin (family, friends, spouse, significant other, children, colleagues, church members0> LOGISTICS Proper grammar and spelling Tone--or rather, the writer's (your) attitude toward the subject about which you are writing. Diction or word choice that mimics the letters in the text Remember, the texts should serve as inspiration for the tone, style, and diction of your letter. There should be some formality and balance of formal language, humor, and dry/dark wit in order to carry the assignment effectively. Review the sample Screwtape Letter(s) referenced in this module. Lastly, don't take yourself too seriously; definitely don't divulge information that would cause you to feel embarrassed. I will ask you to read at least one page of your letter aloud in class. Be sure that portion is one that not only shows off your best work but preserves discretion and any experiences you do not feel comfortable sharing. WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT? Ultimately, this assignment should be fun and self-revelatory. As Plato states, the function of a good piece of writing does both: teach and to delight. Hopefully, by the end of this assignment, your self-awareness will be more refined, your true temptations identified, and ways for coping fully engaged.

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