GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: This is a comparative analysis of two autobiographies jus
GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: This is a comparative analysis of two autobiographies just like your midterm paper; however, this will be in the form of a video presentation, web page, or narrated slide show. Choose two autobiographies (links are below i have chosen the two) to compare and contrast. These can not both be the same texts that you used in your paper, but one of them can be. In addition, you are encouraged to use a memoir that was not taught in this course. See the excerpted readings on the Unit 10 Introduction page for a few ideas. ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS: 1. A narrated slideshow (PowerPoint, Canva, Google Slides, or Prezi) OR a video presentation. Videos should be about five minutes long. If you choose to do a slideshow, it should be 8-10 slides not counting the title slide and works cited list. 2. Presentations should include a thesis statement that is comparative in approach, explaining how these texts are similar and their key difference(s). 3. Presentations should include a background of each author and publication information for the memoir. 4. Presentations should include a description of the thematic and stylistic features of both works. 5. Presentations should include at least one quote from each text which is analyzed in detail and related to the thesis. 6. All presentations must include a works cited list. If you are making a video, you can post it as a separate document. Slide shows should have a dedicated slide for your resources. 7. All presentations should have strong visual components including photos, graphics and design elements, or even embedded videos. Two autobiographies to compare: Malala Yousefzai Link Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins Link

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