Geely versus Ford Memo

The assignment:


Referring to the case Geely versu Ford:  Threat from an Emerging Market Multinational to a Market Leader for specifics (and no other sources), incorporate answers with solid support to the following questions in your memo:


1.  Describe the global and domestic contexts facing Hackett.


2.  What is the effect of rising EMNCs on established global corporations?


3.  What approach would you recommend that Hackett take to grow Ford’s sales?


1)  Set the margins to one inch on all sides.  Set the line spacing to single-spaced and be sure the space before/after a line is set to zero so it is actually single-spaced.  Use Times New Roman

12-point font for the entire document.  Your memo must be a Word document.


2)  Starting with “TO:” as the top line on the page, single-space this heading:


TO:              Dr. 

FROM:        Your Name

DATE:        The due date for the memo

RE:              Geely versus Ford Memo


Then skip one line and single-space the body of the memo with one blank line between paragraphs (i.e., like I have typed this assignment).  Do not indent the paragraphs. 


3) The memo should be one full page in length. Be so thorough that it is difficult to get everything you want to say into one full page single-spaced without it spilling over to a second page.  The one full page will help you calibrate what thorough but concise looks like.  If your writing spills over to a second page, work to write more concisely.  If you have another line or two available on the page that you are not utilizing, make use of that space and be more thorough.

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