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Evaluation is done so one can determine if the changes were successful and need to be continued or no successful and should be revised or eliminated. Evaluation of the changes will be based upon what the changes were and how you determined what the problem was to begin with. That method of determination can probably be used to measure the changes after implementation. Dissemination can be done in many forms. As a nurse serious about making things better for patients or staff, you are obligated to share your successes and failures with others to improve things for all patients or staff. The type of dissemination should fit the audience you are addressing. DIRECTIONS: 1. How will you evaluate your strategy success once implemented? 2. How will you share your findings with others in your facility (or elsewhere)? Certainly your personal opinion may have value if you based your evaluation on your own ideas but be aware that most of your knowledge has other origins and must be cited / referenced. Most of your responses should show critical analysis of the topic and, and all discovered information must be supported by evidence from the scholarly literature. Your response must be typed (or copied and pasted) directly into the discussion thread. Your initial post to the DF must have at least 2 peer reviewed resources, cited and referenced, and be 250-300 words in length. In-text citations and references are not included in the word count.In-text citations and references are not included in the word count. References cannot be older than 5 years. Please double space between paragraphs but do NOT use double spacing or indented paragraphs throughout. The only APA format should be for citation of sources in-text and the reference list. No file can be uploaded.

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