Formatting Instructions Use appropriate grammar and punctuation. Type your paper
Formatting Instructions Use appropriate grammar and punctuation. Type your paper using an 11 or 12 point font with 1 inch margins double spaced. Please put your name and the assignment on the interior of the file and save your file to your computer with an appropriate filename as either an .rtf (rich text format) or a .doc. or .docx file. After saving your file, upload it here. Here are the questions that are to answer in this essay. (Leave out the question wording). Your paper should be in an essay form. Given that most presidential powers are delegated and informal, the president's ability to shape American politics is largely contingent on public support. But most presidents leave office less popular than they were at the beginning of their term. Why do you think this is the case? Do you think the president has too much power, or not enough? Use specific examples and explain your answer. What specific issues or problems would you like to see the president address in some way? If, for example, you were hired, or you volunteered, to trim down the bureaucracy to save the country from financial bankruptcy, which agencies/programs in the federal government would you cut? Be specific about which agency or program. Would we save money, or would there be some other kind of benefit for the country? In an era when the United States is threatened by terrorism, the government has stepped up surveillance of citizens. What type of information, and how much personal information should the government have about you? Which is more important to you, security, or liberty? Why? If you had the power to make changes to the Constitution, what would you change or add? Explain. The U.S. Constitution is contained in the appendix of your text if you need to refer to it.

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