For your paper assignment, please segment and analyze a single portion of either
For your paper assignment, please segment and analyze a single portion of either Falling Hare (Clampett, 1943) or Baby Bottleneck (Clampett, 1946). The paper should be 2 to 3 pages, typed, double spaced with 1” margins and standard 12- point font. It should be well organized and cogently argued, refer specifically to the film as evidence, and be proofread for spelling and grammar Please write a close analysis of either the character animation in your chosen segment. Identify a significant element of animation and trace its development and function across the film as a whole. As you write this paper, consider: how are the attitude poses and movements of characters drawn and shaped to express their emotions and reactions? How doe the animators move these characters, taking advantage of the unique affordances of the animation medium, and illustrating the characteristics of Warner Bros. animation that are different from what we saw at Disney and its? Think carefully about the movement in the cartoon and try to choose an illuminating section of it, which displays character animation in all its complexity, for analysis. Examine the animation frame by frame and discuss specific sequences of drawings (describe the movement briefly and give the start time in minutes and seconds so that I can find it). Identify the key frames, discuss timing and spacing, and discuss the techniques of character animation that we have learned from Goldberg. If you wish, you can include clearly labeled frame grabs in an appendix (in addition to the 2 to 3 pages of text). This is NOT a research paper. Don’t read the analyses of the cartoon on the Web (I’ve read them too). Give me your ideas and only your ideas about the movie, based upon your repeated viewing of the film, the course lectures and screenings, and the assigned reading about animation. Above all else, have fun wThese are funny, wacky films with lots of creative drawings, and this is a great opportunity to study animation frame by frame and see how it can show us the details of how animators craft those drawings. Study it and tell me what you find out!

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