For this writing assignment, complete Exercise 7.2 on the textbook. As you will
For this writing assignment, complete Exercise 7.2 on the textbook. As you will see upon review, the assignment asks you to informally but in a detailed fashion, track your media exposures and analyze them. Review the instructions in your textbook carefully, collect your data for AT LEAST FIVE DAYS and answer the nine questions posed in the textbook assignment. Then on the basis of your findings, write an analysis about what your tracking confirmed or revealed to you about your day-to-day media use. What surprised you? What confirmed your expectations? What did you learn about your media habits? What would you like to CHANGE about those habits based on this experience? Etc. I would recommend you get started asap this week on that tracking to make sure you have five days-worth of information. Don't forget to track those exposured that occur when you are "out and about," but DO be safe. No jotting down records whilst driving, etc. NOTE: For this and written assignments, it will be to your advantage to incorporate a standard multi-paragraph academic essay approach for your assignments. AND be sure to include any outside (not your opinion) sources upon which you draw. An additional page with a list of "works cited" in a good approach. The multi-paragraph approach, compared with just one solid block of run-together text, helps both you as a writer and you reader (in this case, me). It helps you to organize your essay, make sure you're covering all the information you intended, etc. It helps your reader (yours truly) to best track and assess your work fairly/appropriately.

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