For this research paper we will mainly be utilizing the (Anderson) proposal atta
For this research paper we will mainly be utilizing the (Anderson) proposal attachment for majority of this assignment. You should also take some of the info from the (Thomas) proposal about police auditing and general concepts and blend it with the (Anderson) proposal so that the two proposals are combined into the final research paper. Please refer to the research paper guidelines attachment for more instructions. This should guide you on what is needed for this assignment. You do not have to submit an abstract page, a conclusion page, or a works cited page for this research paper as this part is taken care of. Only: I. Title of paper II. Introduction to the research question (please refer to the attachments (Anderson) for the question). III. Literature review of the four concepts explained in the (Anderson proposal) You can find the four concepts under "Concepts and Assumptions Hypothesis" of the Anderson proposal. IV. Research Methods please refer to the research guidelines for more information on this part. This part will essentially involve a secondary analysis involving the (codebook variable) attachment. You can use the (Codebook of Police Audit project) attachment as an example of how this should essentially be done. Please send me a message if you get any confusion on this assignment.

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