For this project, you are an executive director,ou are announcing that your numb
For this project, you are an executive director,ou are announcing that your number one priority, over the next five years, is to create a plan to cope with pandemics such as COVID. The objective of your presentation is to influence your audience to support your vision. In essence, you are attempting to inspire your audience to commit to the cause and do what it takes to achieve the goal. Having said that, the tone must be appropriate for your audience. Your audience is Congress. You will need to conduct research. Your presentation must include a strategic approach that is based upon best practices. You should defend your vision and include a plan on how to operationalize the vision. Where will the money come from? Can you cite an example from another country? Submit your list of references with the video. Here are some considerations: Consider: Leadership: In your role play as an executive director create a strategic plan that reflects best practices (cite data) and advocates for all Americans. Personal and Professional Accountability: Advocate for acting in accordance with professional and ethical norms; and, explain how personal accountability plays a role in being committed to the nation's health. Professional and Business Ethics: Demonstrate high standards of personal and professional responsibility and accountability through your communication style.

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