For this performance report, we are asking that you attend one live performance,
For this performance report, we are asking that you attend one live performance, either in-person or live-streamed (i.e. not a pre-recorded live performance, but an actual live performance that is using remote technology like Zoom or Facebook Live). Here are some resources if you would prefer to attend a live-streamed concert rather than an in-person one. I understand that everyone has various levels of comfort regarding in-person events. Please remember though, that virtual performances must be attended live, not watched via a pre-recorded broadcast. Don't feel the need to limit yourself to these resources. You are free to attend any event as long as it falls under the umbrella of American popular music. You can email us with your ideas if you're unsure if a certain performance counts. The performance you choose should be any kind of music that falls within the broad category of “popular music” (If you are unsure whether or not the performance you are considering qualifies as "popular music," please email one of your instructors to confirm). The objective of the report is to encourage you to think analytically about the music, the experience of the performers and the audience members, and the whole context of the performance; and then to convey an interesting description of your experiences to someone who wasn’t there. You should attend the performance with the report in mind, so that you can listen and watch for things that you will need to write about. You should write approximately 500-750 words on your performance, and should explicitly state what the performance was and when and where it occurred. Different performances will be interesting for different reasons, but here is a list of guidelines for what you may want to pay attention to (these aspects need not be discussed in this order, and indeed you are encouraged to integrate them in a report that is artful and engaging, rather than a laundry list): the purpose of everyone (musicians and audience) in being there the social/cultural background of the music, the musicians, and the audience the audience’s behavior (as applicable) and their experience at the event interaction between the musicians and the audience (if applicable) interaction between musicians (what does each musician contribute? who is the leader? how do they communicate?) musical sounds (How would you describe the music, its sound, its style? You may find that it is interesting to focus on a few songs/pieces or aspects of the performance rather than recounting the entire event.) the different instruments or performers and their roles in the music the effect of the performance on you personally (your interests, your previous knowledge and experience of this kind of music, your interpretations, your questions, what you did and didn’t like. Be careful to distinguish these subjective feelings from your other objective observations) the similarities and differences of in-person live performances and remote live performances (though, this should NOT comprise the entirety of your report) How it relates to the course material we have covered in the course How this report will be graded (point deductions): -1 for any of the following: major grammatical or spelling errors that prevent the instructor from understanding the point you are making Lack of specific examples or points (i.e., excessive vagueness that makes the performance you attended indistinguishable from another) Lack of discussion of sound/music -2 if between 250-500 words -5 if below 250 words -10 for plagiarism on any aspect of this assignment (while this report is mostly personal, if you consult any sources like reviews or others' comments, you SHOULD cite them)

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