For this Journal Assignment, answer the following questions: The topic of this j
For this Journal Assignment, answer the following questions: The topic of this journal assignment concerns Institutional Credibility. First, watch the video lectures for this week. Then, watch opening scene of the movie, The Godfather, before writing your journal log (linked in Blackboard, and here: Then, in your journal log, answer the following questions with complete, thoughtful, and accurate responses: What happened to the undertaker’s daughter, and how was it handled by the courts of law (third party enforcer)? As a mental model, how would institutional credibility explain why the undertaker went to the Godfather, and what role does the Godfather play informally? What, in particular, might be threatening institutional credibility today in the United States? Think of challenges or threats to institutional credibility the US presently faces. In answering these questions: Be non-partisan because this is not the place to promote or disparage a political party, ideology, or politician. Keep in mind the key definitions in the assigned readings, including institutional environment/framework, institutional credibility, etc. Take a position…make an argument – this is your thesis statement in your introduction. NOTE: Your opinion about whether the undertaker should go to the Godfather is not relevant to this assignment. Remember that credibility is a matter of perspective. Something could be legal but not have credibility with a person or people. While you may work with other students in a study group on this assignment, DO NOT have someone else research and/or write the paper for you. Please do your own work. Do not use, or other encyclopedias or dictionaries as references for this paper. Do not use information from these sources. The Quality of your writing counts toward your grade. If I find it hard to read your journal log, your grade will be lowered.

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