For this essay, you will be selecting a piece of federal or state legislation th
For this essay, you will be selecting a piece of federal or state legislation that has been passed, or is proposed - in some cases recently and in some cases in the more distant past - and evaluating the societal environment that brought about the legislation (the cause) and/or the societal impact brought about by the bill (the effect). You will find a list of bills and/or laws below to choose from. You can select a bill or law not on this list, but will need to submit it to me for approval. Assignment Goals: You have two jobs in this paper: Explore the influences in society that brought about the passage of the bill. Why this bill, at this time? What problems were the legislators hoping to solve? Any law has intended and unintended consequences. If the bill is an older one, we have had a chance to see the impact. If the bill is more recent, consider the impact of other similar legislation or laws. Essay Prompt: For this essay, you will want to provide information for both the causes and effects, but with a focus on one or the other. You will want to answer one of the folllowing two questions: What were the societal influences in place that prompted the passage of the bill? What are the societal results or consequences that either have occured or are likely to occur as a result of the bill? The essay must be at least 1500 words. MLA formatting and MLA Works Cited page. Four or more credible sources, at least two should be scholarly sources. Address at least one objection or alternative cause-effect relationship. The bill my writing on is Criminal Justice / Sentencing Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act 1994

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