For this assignment, you will craft in internal memo that addresses the need for
For this assignment, you will craft in internal memo that addresses the need for better on-site health management programs at your company. Examples of health management programs might include things such as free yoga/exercise classes, onsite workout facilities, reduced memberships to health clubs, healthier choices in workplace cafeterias, etc. Do some research to find out what sorts of programs actually exist in companies across the globe. You should include a little of that research in your message. You should choose 1-2 options from those listed above to explore in your persuasive message. This memo should be addressed to the members of the board at your organization in anticipation of an upcoming monthly meeting. This memo should employ the message structure detailed in your textbook regarding persuasive messages. Persuasive messages should have a bit more of a personal touch to them. That being said, you should still avoid using “I” in your memo. Using “we” is fine, as part of the goal of this memo is cultivate a healthier corporate culture, which includes everyone at your place of employment. Your job is to figure out the appropriate amount of logic and emotion to evoke in order to sell a particular service or product to your audience. For this assignment, your audience is a board of directors whose primary goal is to cut costs and increase profits for the organization. Keep this in mind when crafting your message. This message should be between 300-400 words. Grading Criteria: Content/Use of Persuasion 20 pts. Form 10 pts. Tone 10 pts. Grammar 10 pts. Total: 50 pts.

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