For this assignment, you will compose a 3-4 page essay (not including the works
For this assignment, you will compose a 3-4 page essay (not including the works cited page or any headers) that critically examines an object/event of your choosing from the perspectives that you have gained as a student of Communication. The UN goal is a way to narrow your focus as you pick an object/event to analyze. The object or event is a contained unit of communication that has a clear beginning and end: It can be: a newspaper article, a conversation you had with a friend or colleague, a commercial, a segment of a television show, a public speech, a news article, a performance, a song, a work of performance art -- you can tailor this to your own interests! The key here will be to select your event carefully -- usually its easier to write a paper about a topic where there is a conflict presented or an issue to be resolved. This will give you an opening for analysis and intervention! The object or event will be how you focus your analysis. Your paper will be about how you can use communication as a tool to interpret the world. 1) Develop a 1-paragraph introduction that (a) introduces the large themes of the paper, (b) offers a roadmap for your paper, and (c) presents a thesis statement (this is the "so what" factor of the paper -- what we will learn from your analysis). 2) . Be sure to take care to pose questions to yourself as you organize and write your paper that interrogate your own belief systems -- we all have them, and examining what informs them is an important communicative practice. 3) In your conclusion, reflect on your analysis briefly and then draw some conclusions about how a knowledge of communication principles might help contribute to our shared world and to the global goal you covered. 4) Your works cited page should be on a separate page and cite Floyd and any other pieces of media or resources that you consult in APA or MLA style (hint: review the OWL and our feedback from the discussion posts to double check your work). Your submission must be 3-4 full pages in length, not counting headers or your works cited page. Points will be deducted when this minimum is not met. Your paper must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and 12-point font. Cover pages are accepted but not required. Each concept, paraphrased idea, or quote from the text must include proper MLA or APA citations (including page numbers) in your paper (not just the quoted text). This assignment requires a works cited page. If you are not sure how to cite properly please go to the resources provided in the syllabus to check your work.

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