For this assignment, imagine a patient you anticipate encountering in your futur
For this assignment, imagine a patient you anticipate encountering in your future practice. You will choose an issue that may arise when treating patients with psychiatric diagnoses. You will need to include the challenges that may need to be addressed as a comprehensive treatment plan is considered. Find something that has been recently developed to aid in the treatment of one of these illnesses. Remember the make the slides clear and easy to read without overfilling each slide. ( Use bullets for the main points and elaborate verbally when giving the presentation). References must be within the past five years to provide the most current updates. Powerpoint should be in APA 7th format including the title and reference slides. Develop a 5-7 slide PPT presentation discuss some potential issues involved in diagnosing and treating this patient along with various recommendations included in your treatment plan: Introduction to problem/issue, Background/Contributing Factors , Solutions, Recommendations, References (title page doesn’t count) If you discuss using a medication you must address major side effects vs benefits vs risks associated with it. (This includes if there are monitoring labs required while taking it). If you are discussing a diagnosis you need to list the criteria for that diagnosis. Make sure that the overall appearance of the powerpoint is done to look professional. Be sure to include a brief list of criteria for the diagnosis you are addressing, an introduction to the problem or issue, and some recommendations for treatment. Make sure to use evidence based research in your references for the powerpoint presentation

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