For this assignment, consider taking one of these two approaches: Build on the w
For this assignment, consider taking one of these two approaches: Build on the work that you have done in your previous assignments and create an online tool kit or resource repository to help the audience of your in-service understand the research behind your safety improvement plan and put the plan into action. Use a safety improvement plan from your current organization, the Institution for Healthcare Improvement, or a publicly available safety improvement initiative and create an online tool kit or resource repository to help an audience understand the research behind a safety improvement plan and how to put the plan in action. assemble an online resource tool kit containing at least 12 annotated resources that you consider critical to the success of your safety improvement initiative. These resources should enable nurses and others to implement and maintain the safety improvement you have developed. It is recommended that you focus on the 3 or 4 most critical categories or themes with respect to your safety improvement initiative. For example, if your initiative concerns improving workplace safety for practitioners, you might choose broad themes such as general organizational safety and quality best practices; environmental safety and quality risks; individual strategies to improve personal and team safety; and process best practices for reporting and improving environmental safety issues. Following the recommended scheme, you would collect at least 3 resources on average for each of the 4 categories. Each resource listing should include the following: An APA-formatted citation of the resource with a working link. A description of the information, skills, or tools provided by the resource. A brief explanation of how the resource can help nurses better understand or implement the safety improvement initiative. A description of how nurses can use this resource and when its use may be appropriate. Additionally, be sure that your plan addresses the following, which corresponds to the grading criteria in the scoring guide. Please study the scoring guide carefully so you understand what is needed for a distinguished score. Identify necessary resources to support the implementation and sustainability of a safety improvement initiative. Analyze the usefulness of resources to the role group responsible for implementing quality and safety improvements. Analyze the value of resources to reduce patient safety risk. Present reasons and relevant occasions for use of resource tool kit by its target audience. Communicate in a clear, logically structured, and professional manner that applies current APA style and formatting. Additional Requirements Number of resources: Your tool kit must include at least 12 professional or academically relevant resources that support the continued learning and implementation of knowledge and processes related to a safety improvement initiative. APA format: Use proper APA formatting for in-text citations and each annotated resource.

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