For The Documented Essay you will need to use a secondary source to analyze/prov
For The Documented Essay you will need to use a secondary source to analyze/prove an argument based around at least one reading from class. You are not comparing and contrasting two readings. Rather, you are using a secondary source to illuminate a point within a primary source. Length: Two and a half pages plus a works cited page. STORIES THAT WE READ IN CLASS DO NOT COUNT AS A SECONDARY SOURCE. Format: MLA, 8TH OR 9TH edition. Double spaced, size 12 font, Times New Roman. You must include a works cited page in proper MLA format. Some Possibilities: Analyze the short story "Fiesta 1980" and/or "How to Date a Brown Girl" by Junot Diaz. There are two academic articles under course materials with highlighted sections that you can use. You only need to use two sentences from the article and copy and paste the MLA citation on to your works cited page. You may also use psychology articles to analyze the affect Yunior’s father had on him. (This is called psychoanalytic theory). Discuss how gender roles hold back both men and women. You may use any of the readings on gender and use an additional source to back up your argument. Discuss how beauty standards hold back women in society. You may use the Sontag, Wolfe, and Barry reading along with an additional article to back up your claim.

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