For the discussion this week: Go to the UMUC link to Hoover’s website and clic
For the discussion this week: Go to the UMUC link to Hoover's website and click "Continue" on the first box that comes up: Choose the "Build a Company List" box Refine your search using the facets on the left: Location - enter and select "United States" Company size - enter and select up to $1M, single-site and Industry - change from "D&B Hoovers Industries" to "NAICS 2017" and search for / select "325414 Biological Product (except Diagnostic) Manufacturing" Company type - set ownership type to "private" You should end up with a list of approx 2220 companies; you can then apply your own filters to identify a company of interest for your post. Select one company from this list to review that hasn't already been reviewed by someone else in the class. Please make sure the company is still active and has a website or other information available. Then based on the following questions provide a description to others in the class (2-3 clear paragraphs): 1. Briefly, what is this biotechnology company proposing to produce (you will have to go and look at their website / do some independent research)? How many products do they have and how many are under development? 2. What processes might it use for manufacturing its products? Please try to identify whether their products can be produced via one of the biomanufacturing techniques we've discussed in this class 3. Does the company have IP? (search for patents issued to this company) 4. Imagine this company hired you as a consultant to determine whether one of their products under development should be manufactured in-house or by a CMO. What advice would you give them and why? Make sure you provide references!

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