For paper 2, you will analyze a media topic of your choice (e.g., violence in vi
For paper 2, you will analyze a media topic of your choice (e.g., violence in videogames, negative political advertising, minority portrayals, bias in news reporting, social media use during the elections, fear appeals in health campaigns, etc.). To do so effectively, you must draw on what you have learned during the semester. Please note this assignment is a follow-up from paper #1 that you submitted earlier this semester. Make sure to review your feedback on that paper before working on paper #2. What should your paper include? Topic introduction (50 points): Start with describing your media topic. Then, describe expected effects: what do the media that you chose have an effect on (e.g., attitude, emotions, memory, behavior, norms, perceptions)? Be specific in your outcome (e.g., attitude towards what? What kind of behavior?). Next take a position (50 points): Commit in writing and explain how your chosen media topic relates to your outcome (e.g., playing more violent video games makes you more OR less aggressive) and under what circumstances (e.g., for whom, in what context do these effects apply). Pick ONE relationship (even if you think it could have both positive and negative effects depending on different circumstances). In the rest of the paper you support your position. THEORY (50 points): You must draw on what you have learned during the semester. Your argument in support of your position must explain in detail at least ONE media effects theory that we will have discussed in class. SOURCES: COURSE MATERIALS (50 points): Use and cite course material (e.g., class slides, book chapter, articles) EXTERNAL SOURCES (50 points): Use and cite TWO external sources (e.g., websites, online news articles, industry reports, academic papers; need to be trustworthy. No Wikipedia). Use these THREE sources to support your argument. Sources used in other parts of the paper do NOT count as one of the three sources to support your argument. You are allowed to use the sources or other sources elsewhere in the paper. However, make sure you use at least three sources to support your argument. Make clear how you have used these sources by in-text citations AND a bibliography at the end of the paper. You may use APA style or any other style, as long as you are consistent. See below for some useful links how to search and cite research. Format (50 points) Make sure that the paper is well organized (e.g., use paragraphs, subheadings) and clearly written (per HSJMC guidelines and/or appropriate standards of English). Characterized by elements of a strong writing style and basically free from grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, or formatting errors. Please reach out to the writing center (FREE) if you would like some help with thisLinks to an external site.. Paper 2 should be 4-5 double spaced pages (using standard 1” margins and 12 point font Times New Roman). Paper format is Word or PDF. Grading Please review the grading RUBRIC before submitting your paper! You can find the rubric here. (Links to an external site.) Make sure to also review your feedback of paper #1. Note: this assignment is checked for plagiarism. See our course syllabus for more information on plagiarism. Extension Please see the course syllabus (Links to an external site.) for more information on late assignments and how many of these assignments count towards your final grade. You can get an extension by using one or more tokens (see syllabus (Links to an external site.)). How? Simply notify the TA that you are using a token for this assignment and submit this assignment by the new deadline. Questions? Please reach out to the teaching assistant asap if you have any questions about this assignment. Please use 'JOUR3005 media reflection' in the subject line of your email. Helpful resources (e.g., literature source, citing work) What’s a scholarly source? (Links to an external site.) (4 min video) What is a library database and why should I use one? (Links to an external site.) (3 min video) Finding academic sources for HSJMC (Links to an external site.) (3.5 min) Find a journal article using a citation (Links to an external site.) (2 min video) For an example on how to cite class materials (or any other materials) see also this link (Links to an external site.). Check the information under "personal communication" as an example to cite the class materials. If you have reviewed these materials, and still have questions about finding literature or citing sources, please reach out to Cody Hennesy (Librarian). Make sure to explain the context (e.g., class assignment) and your specific question.

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