For our next assignment, I would ask that you read chapter four from our textboo
For our next assignment, I would ask that you read chapter four from our textbook, entitled "Rhetoric in the Modern World" as well as the following article that addresses what health care professionals are now calling "Long Covid." You may have to cut and paste the above link into your browser to get to the article. Long Covid is beginning to be defined as the long-term effects of Covid for certain patients and it's symptoms seem to be continuing for many months after a patient was deemed to be well, after contracting the virus. It is misunderstood and misdiagnosed regularly, leaving patients to fight through these long-term effects on their own, often without the aid of any kind of health care intervention or understanding. For this chat forum, please read the article that is linked above. You may also read other articles that are linked within our assigned article, or other articles that you choose research on your own. You don't have to read other sources of information in order to complete this assignment, but there is a growing body of articles on this topic and you should feel free to explore other sources if you so choose. After reading chapter four and the article linked above, please write a speech that attempts to persuade the public that "Long Covid" is real and needs to be seen as a growing concern and a long-term health issue around the globe. Pretend that you are a spokesperson for the CDC (Center for Disease Control), and that you have been asked to write a speech that President Biden will deliver to alert the American people to the dangers and reality of "Long Covid." In the United States, there are many citizens who are skeptical about the dangers of Covid-19, the need for mass vaccination, etc. The speech you write, which will be delivered by President Biden, needs to be persuasive and effective in alerting American citizens that "Long Covid" is a very real and ongoing health care concern for people around the globe.!/4

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