For every source collected for your MP (as in the ones you’ve completed RLs for)
For every source collected for your MP (as in the ones you've completed RLs for), write a brief annotation for that source; this means there will be at least 12 annotations. These annotations will range from 3-5 sentences and you can consider the following questions as your draft them: 1) What is the source about? Summarize. 2) Who is the author of this source? Why are they experts? 3) How will you use this source? 4) Why is it valuable/interesting for your research inquiry? 5) What about credibility? Minimum source requirements: 3 scholarly (peer reviewed) sources (minimum) 3 non scholarly sources (minimum) 6 digital components (minimum) Format (source entry, font, margins, etc.) should fit within expectations of works cited page/references of MLA format. Length: Quality is more important that quantity, but just for the sake of argument let's say 300 words (max) for each entry!

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