For each portfolio blog, you will need to find an example of social psychology i
For each portfolio blog, you will need to find an example of social psychology in the real world. Each example should relate to topics or information covered in that week’s assigned chapters. Examples can be from newspapers, magazines (either in print or on the web), TV shows, movies, books (fiction or nonfiction), or other sources approved by the professor. Note that scholarly journal articles CANNOT be used for these blogs! For each example, you’ll need to submit a summary that addresses ALL of the following items: The topics is The Bystander Effect. 1) Where did you find the material? Provide a full reference in APA format for the source (note: see the "Resources" link on the course menu for helpful APA Style resources). Also, be sure to include a web link if it's an online source! 2) Provide a detailed description of the item. What is it? 3) How is it specifically related to the current chapters? Tie the item to our textbook. Be sure to describe/explain the relevant social psychology concept(s). 4) Evaluate the accuracy of the example or describe how it expanded your understanding of the topic. 5) Write a discussion question related to this item (or to the topic more generally). The discussion question should be one that promotes thoughtful discourse on the topic (i.e. not multiple choice). Also, write a thoughtful response to your own question. Once you have answered all 5 items (and labeled them 1-5), go and post a thoughtful or constructive comment to someone else's blog entry. NOTE: AN APA-FORMATTED REFERENCE FOR #1 IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A GRADE. Also, be sure to label each response (1-5), answer all questions thoroughly, and post a comment to someone else’s blog entry in order to get full points! Teaching Blog Grading Rubric: Excellent (20 points) The blog entry fully addressed all questions, was in-depth, demonstrated understanding of content, and was well-written with few or no spelling/grammatical errors. Responses were labeled 1-5. APA formatting was correct. At least one thoughtful comment was posted in response to another classmate's blog entry. Source was NOT a journal article.

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