Following the points in the Introduction lecture, you will create an Introductio
Following the points in the Introduction lecture, you will create an Introduction section for our class research project. See the rubric to ensure all of the required components are included and very clear to the reader. This is not a Bibliography, so try to refrain from giving article summaries in paragraph form. Rather, read the articles first and take some notes on your own paper. Look for the main conclusions of the article and how they relate to other studies. I like to organize my Introduction section by Variable and then include the relevant findings about that variable in a cohesive way. For this "draft" you are only required to use the articles that were provided to you (the final draft will incorporate all articles) but you are welcome to add them in now. The more work you put into this draft of the Introduction section, the better your grade will be but ALSO it will mean less work for you at the final draft stage. Make sure you include in-text citations in your Introduction. You will also submit a completed References page as a separate assignment submission. Be sure not to plagiarize any of the articles. As a tip, I like to print the articles, highlight important/pertinent parts, read over the highlights, then turn the article over and try to summarize what I just read in my own words.

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