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Hope you all are doing well. For this week's forum you will post a case presentation (Word or pdf format) from Focused Exam: End of Life Care activity from Community Health. You will include an overview of the case taking into consideration:

Chief complaint

Patient Comfort and Status

History of Present Illness 

Past Medical History (include a briefly description of the patient's diagnosis, follow APA format 7th Edition)

Home Medications (include a briefly description about the medication the patient is currently taking, follow APA format 7th Edition)

Social History 

Review of Systems (overview in general, focus on positive findings)

Functional Status and Geriatric Syndromes (overview in general, focus on aspects that may need to follow up)

Your case presentation must be in paragraph (s), do not forget to include a cover page and references. 

Forum's grade: 65% from your activity on Shadow Health, 35% case presentation. 


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