Find a mainstream news article from the past or present that is relevant to a cr
Find a mainstream news article from the past or present that is relevant to a crime and violence topic that interests you from the list below: Decriminalization of responsible drug use Intervention on the issue of campus rape Awareness of the use of prisons as mental health institutions Addressing the militarization of police Countering institutionalized racism in the criminal justice system If there is an issue that you feel strongly about representing that is not on this list, you may focus on that issue with prior instructor approval. For your initial discussion post, include a link to your article and critique the article from the perspective of a sociologist of crime and violence. How is the news article different from or similar to the perspective or approach a sociologist might take? In response to your peers, build upon their ideas, related to their particular news article, of the different perspectives brought to an issue from the mainstream media versus sociologists. Note: The topic you choose for this discussion does not have to be the same topic you choose for your final project. You might want to do some exploration here. But if a particular topic appeals to you, you may want to continue with it for the duration of the course. By the end of Module Two, you will need to have your choice finalized for your final project, subject to being refined and narrowed as the course progresses.

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