Final Response: We started this term by talking about definitions of “religion.”
Final Response: We started this term by talking about definitions of “religion.” I would like you to think back to that exercise now that you have much more experience with a wider variety of traditions. Using the list of sample definitions you started the semester with (Attached as PDF titled “Some Definitions of religion”), pick the definition you think is best now that the term is over. For this Final Response, explain why you have chosen your particular definition. You must reference at least THREE of the traditions we have studied together during the term for your response to be adequate. THE RELIGION OPTIONS ARE... native american religions, Hinduism, Buddism, Jainsm, Sikhism, Shinto, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and New religions. I will provide you with the sources one you choose which religions you wnat to talk about when proving your definition This response constitutes 20% of your course grade. This time, you have 600 words maximum (Responses over 600 words will loose points--responses under 550 points will loose points at a rate of one point per word outside the limit). Citation Requirement: 1) You must cite ‘Definitions of religion’. [ I attached the list titled "some defeitions of religion.pdf"] 2) You must cite Brodd for each of your example traditions, i.e. at least THREE times. 3) You must cite primary course material for each of your three traditions, i.e. THREE primary source citations. Overall that is 7 ciations!!!!!!!!! NO OUTSIDE SOURCES!!! NO CITATION PAGE!!!! ONLY USE PARENTHETICAL CIATTIONS!!!!!!! Length requirement: You now have TWO pages. Responses that exceed the 600-word limit will be marked down, as will responses under 550 words. Since Canvas does not always calculate words correctly for inline submissions, you should include at the top of your essay your word count simply as “Word count: XXX.”

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