Final Project: Case Study Review Pick a Case Study from the Casebook at the end
Final Project: Case Study Review Pick a Case Study from the Casebook at the end of your text: * The Alpha Family * The Beta Family * The Omega Family * The Tau Family * The Zeta Family After reading the description of your case family, provide a summary/description about them that includes at least 2 strengths and challenges facing the family. Make sure you explain why they are strengths and challenges. Next you will explain and use the five-step decision making process from the textbook to guide the family through problem solving and setting attainable goals to help them improve their situation. Make sure you identify any outside influences that may interfere with the decision making process as well as possible solutions to those issues. Provide their "plan". How are they going to move forward? For example: What are the needs of the family? What goals have they set to meet those needs and how will they reach them? What help do they need from community resources, etc.? Provide at least 2 resources, based on the needs of the family, from your community. Be sure to include a brief summary of the services each resource provides as well as contact info. Conclude your paper by writing an "ending" to the Case Study. Reflect on what you learned throughout the course, your own experiences, the experiences of people you know, etc. What do you think happened? Did the family follow their plan? Were they successful? Why or why not? The ending is up to you. Your paper needs to be a Word doc that contains factual information from the textbook, at least 2 resources from your community to assist the family (based on their needs), as well as any other academic resources you need to complete the assignment. Family Name Zeta Adult Family Mr. Zeta and his cohabitating partner, Ms. X Members: Ages: Mr. Zeta is 38 years old and is divorced from his first wife. Ms. X is 33 years old and divorced from her first husband and the father of her two daughters. Employment and Relevant Information Mr. Zeta has worked for a local car dealership as a certified mechanic for 10 years. He works Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, and every Saturday morning from 7:00 am to noon. He enjoys spending time with coworkers, bowling, attending auto races, and riding his mountain bike in competitions. Ms. X works 4 hours per day, Monday through Friday, as a receptionist. She has custodial rights for her daughters. She enjoys scrapbooking, cooking, and watching movies. Her ex-husband pays $250 total per month in child support, and his employment benefits provide full health and dental insurance for their daughters. Other Family Members and Relevant Information Level One: Ms. X’s two daughters live with them. The oldest is in third grade, and the youngest is in first grade. Mr. Zeta’s son is 12 years old and lives with his mother 500 miles away. Level Two: Mr. Zeta’s ex-wife and son live 500 miles away. He travels to see his son once a month and brings his son to stay over the summer school break. Mr. Zeta is expected to provide health insurance coverage for his son. Mr. Zeta’s parents live in another state. Level Three: Ms. X has two sisters living within 2 miles. Ms. X’s ex-husband is very dependable with child-support payments, but does not have contact with his daughters. Family Assets: Mr. Zeta has a 10-year-old pickup that is debt free. He also has $750 in liquid savings. He withdrew all of his retirement savings to pay for the divorce. Ms. X has a 5-year-old van with no outstanding loans. Family Debts: The family lives in an apartment with a monthly rent equal to one-third of Mr. Zeta’s gross monthly income. He can match his employer’s 3% addition to his retirement pension and plans to do that from now on. Ms. X has no retirement savings or health, dental, or life insurance. The vehicles must be maintained, insured, and licensed. They would like to have renters’ insurance, but haven’t filed the paperwork yet.

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