Final Paper
Please see the paper composed. I need the data analysis section completed per the instructions below. I am attaching the surveys I completed as well in a spreadsheet. I only need the one section completed in the paper. See pages 19-21. Step 1. Access Access the Data Analysis section of your qualitative research paper and the Qualitative Research Paper Outline from the Module 1 Learning Objects page. Step 2. Describe Using the data analysis from the Module 8 assignment, describe the findings and results of your qualitative research study. Introduce the themes in the study, and provide quotations from participants to support them. Draw conclusions based on the findings and results. Step 3. Explain Explain the different elements of credibility, dependability, confirmability, and transferability. Why are they vital when conducting research? Access the Reliability and Validity Comparison Table and Glossary on the Learning Objects page to learn more about ensuring reliability and validity. Step 4. Demonstrate Understanding Demonstrate your understanding of credibility, dependability, confirmability, and transferability by relating the terms to your qualitative research data processes, findings, and results. Step 5. Compose Compose the Findings and Results section and the Reliability and Validity section of your qualitative research paper. Also compose a Summary section for your qualitative research paper. In the summary, include at least one reflective paragraph on the research process and your experience.

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