Final Draft: 1,000–1,250 words For your second paper, write an original argumen
Final Draft: 1,000–1,250 words For your second paper, write an original argument that makes connections between two nonfiction articles of your choice. These articles may or may not appear in our textbook. Your paper should be formal, thesis-driven, and respond directly to cited passages from the articles. follow the checklist below. : Ensure your thesis is specific, debatable, relevant, and appears early in the paper (TM 4). Support your thesis with body paragraphs that develop original main ideas (TSIS 8, TM 1, 5). Support your main ideas by fully integrating, citing, and responding to an appropriate number of quotes from the authors (TSIS 3–4, TM 6). Introduce the authors, their articles, and their arguments when you need them, not in the intro. Summarize only to demonstrate understanding and provide context (TSIS 2, TM 2). Find, invent, and explain relationships between the authors’ ideas, and use these connections to support your own ideas. This means talking about both articles simultaneously. Analyze the authors’ ideas (TSIS 7, TM 3), and respond to them via agreement, disagreement, or a combination of both (TSIS 4, TM 6). Distinguish your own ideas from the authors' ideas (TSIS 5). Have a clear introduction, body section (multiple paragraphs), and conclusion. Demonstrate strong paragraph structure, organization, and length (TSIS 8, TM 1). Format your paper in MLA style with a works cited page (see my guides and video). Write clear, concise, error-free sentences. Don’t write a five-paragraph essay or a compare-and-contrast essay. Don’t start your paragraphs with quotes, authors, or statements of summary. Don’t use the first-person excessively

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