FINAL CLASS PAPER PROMPT  Purpose: Students will write a 10-page (reference pag
FINAL CLASS PAPER PROMPT  Purpose: Students will write a 10-page (reference page & title page included) 12pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced paper based on an argumentative topic relevant to the material discussed within the course in order to identify and describe a topic in psychology by critically evaluating psychological information. o Incorporates the following learning objectives:  Use psychology databases to locate relevant research sources  Read and summarize information from various sources, including professional journals, mass media sources, and the internet.  Critically evaluate psychological information.  Identify and describe a number of controversial issues in psychology.  Express ideas in written formats using APA style.  Who is the paper and presentation for? Other students in your class that may not be knowledgeable of the psychological issue  Paper must be written in APA-format (7th edition)- no abstract  Paper Content (8 pages total of content) o Introduction (15 pt)  State your topic and define your stance on the topic (must be relevant to the class)  Brief description of the main body of text o Body of Text (50 pt)  Provide the opposing stance of the argument using at least 2 scholarly references  Support your opinion with at least 6 scholarly references thoroughly (total of 8 scholarly references all together)  You can use the text we have read/discussed in class as well as outside sources  The articles should be relevant to your topic and your stance on the topic o Discussion (15 pt)  In this section, link your main point of view and the research you found on the topic.  Depending on the argument, what are some future directions related to your stance on the paper? o APA format (15 pt)  Cover page with correct title, Running head, and page numbers (5pt.)  Cite all of the references you used throughout your paper in the reference page  Zero to minimal issues with using formal language (i.e., very minimal first person language) o Paper Clarity (5 pt)  Body flows well  Minimal issues with paragraph transitions

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