Feminist and Gender Criticism theory about A Doll’s House by Henrick Ibsen Inclu
Feminist and Gender Criticism theory about A Doll's House by Henrick Ibsen Include an opening paragraph, a middle section that consists of at least four fully developed body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph that explains the meaningful significance behind this exploration and offers a definitive sense of closure. Offer a graceful thesis statement that presents your literary school of choice and your argument about the play. Defines/describes the school of literary thought you have chosen to use for this analysis, showcasing your understanding of literary criticism. Each body paragraph must contain a clear topic sentence. Body paragraphs must be unified (all sentences support the topic sentence, which in turn reflects upon the thesis statement) and coherent (ideas must be connected logically with transitional words or phrases) while offering at least eight-ten sentences (likely more) of analysis and support. Additionally, body paragraphs must end with some kind of closing sentence that serves as a transition between paragraphs (alternatively, paragraphs may begin with a transition instead.) Offer an abundance (at least TWELVE quoted moments from the play and TWO about the literary school you have chosen) of textual support; all instances of textual support must be integrated into sentences correctly, paired with meaningful analysis, and documented correctly according to MLA guidelines. If writers use long quotations, any quotation that is longer than four lines across the page must be launched correctly, inset, and documented per MLA guidelines. (*Note: author’s name and page number should be used in all instances of PDOC.) Other requirements: Demonstrate scholarly, college-level writing and analysis suitable for an end-of-semester essay. (Note: No “I” or “you” statements) Include a works cited page in MLA format that includes the play and a source of info about literary criticism Be submitted by the deadline Essay must be at least 1,400 words in length. Word Count does not include the heading, the title, long quotations, or the Works Cited.

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