Explaining WIDA Standards and Reflecting on 3rd grade ESL WIDA Standards
Part 1: Visit the NC DPI website ( https://www.dpi.nc.gov/districts-schools/classroom-resources/academic-standards/programs-and-initiatives/dual-language-immersion ) to see how they describe their vision and mission for DL education. Then, **scroll down** towards the bottom and click on the tab called ** "Standards."** (Standards is the tab under the "Additional Resources" line. Here you'll find links to the World Languages and WIDA Standards ("Can-Do Key Uses Gr. 2-3"statements). - I've already attached the 2 documents below - Take some time to read over and become familiar with these two documents if you're not already. They're both lengthy, and I'm not asking you to read them word-for-word, but skim these documents in order to gain a sense of what's there. When you're finished, answer these questions: Before now, how familiar were you with these standards? If you were to briefly explain both standards to a parent or someone who was not familiar with them, how would you describe them? Choose either the World Languages or WIDA Standards for the 3rd grade level and look more closely at them (I've already attached the 2 documents). Are these what you would expect? Are there any surprises? Does anything stand out to you as missing? Part 2: Revisit Dr. Potowski’s TED Talk ( https://youtu.be/pSs1uCnLbaQ ). The TED talk by Dr. Potowski discusses myths of bilingualism as being damaging to individuals and society. Reflect on these myths. How do you see these myths operating in our society today? How do you see these myths operating in our schools? What evidence of these and other myths do you see in your school/internship placement?

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