Examining Classics in the Contemporary Classroom Final Reflective Essay You have
Examining Classics in the Contemporary Classroom Final Reflective Essay You have accomplished quite a bit this session. You have just about satisfied the writing requirement for this class in discussion posts, essays, and of course, the research project. In addition to this extensive writing, you have studied the following literary works: Essay Prompt: Five years from now, which literary selection from this course will you most likely remember? Explain the reasons for your choice by following the steps below as you draft a four paragraph Reflective Essay. Part I: Complete a 4 paragraph essay: introduction, two body paragraphs & conclusion. Part II: You may wish to consider the following areas as you organize the two body paragraphs for your essay: Plot Summary – What happens in the plot that makes this work worth remembering? Avoid merely retelling the story, here! Conflicts – What conflicts does the work include? Character – How does the writer reveal character? With which character(s) do you sympathize? Are the characters plausible? What do minor characters contribute to the work? Setting – What does setting (time and place of the action) contribute to the work? Symbolism – Do certain characters, settings or actions seem to you to stand for something in addition to themselves? In other words, are they symbolic? Theme – What is the theme? That is, what does the work add up to? Does the theme reinforce values that you hold, or does it challenge them? Connection – How or why did this particular selection come to mind? Part III: Essay Directions The introductory paragraph is fully developed and smoothly leads to a concise and focused thesis that states your recommendation. The paragraph or the thesis contains the title and author of the work you will be addressing. Each of the two body paragraphs must have a restricted topic sentence as well as sufficient primary and secondary supports. The primary supports are your assertions about the literary work/film, and the secondary supports are specific examples from that work. The paragraphs are also unified and coherent. The concluding paragraph is fully developed and provides closure. Mechanics: The essay contains correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. The final copy must have a title and have the heading in the upper left hand corner. Keyboard/consistently double space throughout. Submit your Final Draft in the Final Reflective Essay Drop Box for a grade. Important Info/dates: Essay should be in correctly formatted MLA format 300-350 word minimum At least 2 quotes The last page should be the Works Cited page Due date is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday 5/1/2022 (be sure to have the essay uploaded to the dropbox.) Due to final grades being processed: NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

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