Exam Content Sue is an RN who has been practicing for three years and typically
Exam Content Sue is an RN who has been practicing for three years and typically works in labor and delivery, and she volunteers at a clinic that serves diabetic OB patients. She encounters two patients, one who has developed gestational diabetes and the other who has been diabetic her entire life. While working on her normal shift in labor and delivery, Sue oversees a student nurse who will be graduating in two weeks and assigns this nurse to the newly admitted patient with gestational diabetes. The patient started having contractions about 2 hours ago that are now 2–3 minutes apart lasting approximately 10–15 seconds. Develop : a 700-word self-reflective report on Benner’s novice to expert model, describing where you fall on the continuum. In addition, describe where Sue and the student nurse fall on this continuum. Include an explanation as to why you placed each individual in the specific area you did on the continuum. Use this information to develop a personalized nursing theory or model for the above scenario to address the care needed for each patient. Define: each stage on the continuum and describe the characteristics associated with each stage. Include setting, patient needs, level of understanding, and complexities that may contribute to increased risks. Format: your self-reflection and nursing theory/model as a concept map. Show alignment of nursing theory based on Benner’s stages, from novice to expert. In addition, show its relation to the nursing process, (including alignment with critical thinking and clinical decision-making) for an improved nursing care plan. PLEASE MAKE A VISUAL PRESENTATION AND I PUT MY USERNAME AND PASSWORD THAT YOU CAN USE THIS WEBSITE TO MAKE A VISUAL PRESENTATION: Bubbl.us - Mind Maps Username: Password: For assigned writer

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