Evolution in action assignment
Read the article "Evolution in Action" by Jonathan Weiner. It would be a good idea to take notes on the main ideas and the evidence presented to support the main idea. This will help you to answer the following questions. Use complete sentences and use your own words. DO NOT COPY DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTICLE. You will be marked down if you do. You may answer the questions in the text entry box, or you can answer them in your own word processing program and then upload the file. 1. Did Darwin ever see evolution in action? Why or why not? 2. Who are Rosemary and Peter Grant? What did they study and where? How did they demonstrate that natural selection occurs? 3. How have trophy hunting and fishing impacted the evolution of species, according to the research presented by Weiner in this article? 4. How many generations did Darwin think it would take for a new species to arise? Does resent research on sockeye salmon support his estimation? 5. What selection pressure drove differences in morphology (body shape and size) between males and females of the river and lake types of sockeye salmon? 6. Why does Weiner say "in the United States these days one almost hates to mention there are arguments among evolutionists"?

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