Every network must have certain components to work. A computer with a network in
Every network must have certain components to work. A computer with a network interface card (NIC) is useless unless the infrastructure is in place to allow the NIC to be connected to a company network. The foundation for all network communication is the flow of data through the protocol stack. The OSI and the TCP/IP stacks set methods to control and access data. For this assignment, assume that you are a senior network engineer for a banking organization and your manager asked you to onboard five new interns in your department who will help with the company’s network expansion project. The interns are quick learners who are passionate about computer networking. However, they have limited knowledge of computer networking principles and would need to get up to speed quickly before being able to help out on the project. Using your knowledge and understanding of computer networking, prepare a presentation for the interns that describes the software and hardware components and concepts required to create a computer network. The presentation should present each device, its function, and how the device is used. Ensure that your presentation includes the function, uses, and importance of the following: OSI and TCP/IP protocol stacks with examples Models (Client-Server, Peer-to-Peer) Media (Cabling, wireless) Devices (Routers, Bridges, Hubs, Repeaters, Gateways, Switches) with associated OSI layer Network topologies and their advantages/disadvantages Network Operating System The presentation should include tables, graphics, and figures to help convey the information. Use the speaker notes to provide what you would say for each slide and make a video recording of the presentation. Length: 8-10 slides, not including title and reference list Speaker Notes Length: 150-200 words References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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