Essay Two Assignment Sheet Analyze how Orange builds a specific theme through t
Essay Two Assignment Sheet Analyze how Orange builds a specific theme through the use of one literary element. You will need to make strong connections back to your chosen theme in this essay. Try to get specific in your identification of the theme. (You will want to show that you have read the entire book in the essay, so please choose evidence from the middle and end of the book as well as the beginning!) Here is a list of literary elements: plot (look at the way that Orange organizes the sequence of events in the novel or why he creates the events/scenes that he does), foreshadowing and its purpose in the novel's dramatic situation, characterization and why Orange presents the characters in the way that he does, point of view (think first, second, third person and Orange's purpose behind these decisions) , setting, diction (word choice), imagery such as metaphor or simile, symbolism, and style. If you take on plot as an element, avoid summarizing the plot and focus on analyzing how the plot or major events contribute to a specific theme. Aim for at least three full pages. -Literary analysis looks closely at the text and the author’s use of literary elements to discuss and make interpretations on the work as a whole. -In a literary analysis you should argue a point using the text to prove your assertions. Present brief quotations and paraphrases to help support your main claim. Discuss how the quoted material might be relevant to or support your points by focusing on smooth transitions into and out of quoted passages. Grading Rubric for the Literary Analysis Assignment Name:____________________________Final score_____________________________ Assignment requirements for introduction, body and conclusion Not Done Needs Work Fair Well Done Introduction grabs the reader’s attention, introduces the topic, and is dominated by the writer’s voice (personality). Introduction contains a clear thesis statement that gives your clear, strong opinion about your chosen text and the literary element you will analyze. The body consists of several paragraphs that lead with the writer’s voice and clearly prove the thesis. The body follows the basic principles of analysis (expressed in clear topic sentences dominated by the writer’s voice). These topic sentences clearly state a claim/reason and connect to (prove) the thesis. Body paragraphs contain specific (not just general) examples from the text that clearly support the main claims/reasons and the thesis. The student engages in analysis and avoids plot summary. Ideas and information are explained fully enough for readers not in our class to follow. Present ideas in an order that makes sense to readers. Use strong attribution (signal) verbs for introducing paraphrases and quotations. Clearly explain quotations and show how they support your argument. Include a memorable conclusion that connects back to your thesis and explains why we should care about the theme or literary elements the author presents. Is a well-developed three full page essay. Mechanics—As a writer, you should… Proofread carefully so that sentences are clear, concise, and free of errors—pay special attention to your personal error patterns. Paraphrase skillfully so that the author’s meaning remains true but sentences and words are significantly different (not just a few words changed). Use “quotation marks” when including an author’s exact words. Follow MLA format: standard 12-point, Times New Roman font; proper heading; proper, unique title; page numbers; double spaced; 1-inch margins; properly formatted Works Cited page, and no extra spaces between paragraphs (after spacing of “0” under “paragraphs” in Word).

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