Essay Topic #2: Writing and Researching in History (35%) **The Paper must be a
Essay Topic #2: Writing and Researching in History (35%) **The Paper must be a minimum of 7 pages of content, not inclusing the title or the bibliography** **The paper must also have a minimum of 8 sources with at least one primary source and at least five secondary sources** Here's the armstrong reading: Write a research paper that analyzes the description of the physical space of Jerusalem in one of the following pilgrimage or travel accounts (Link attached above): Bordeaux Itinerary (4th c.) [Armstrong, ch. 9] Pilgrimage of Egeria (4th c.) [Armstrong, ch. 9] Travels of Nasir-i-Khusraw (11th c.) [Armstrong, ch. 12] Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela (12th c.) [Armstrong, ch. 13] Read the description of Jerusalem in the itinerary. Study it closely. Make notes about which buildings and other physical spaces the itinerary describes. Can you trace a logic of movement through the itinerary (east to west, north to south, etc.)? Develop a thesis that makes an argument about how the itinerary reflects a particular religious ideology or historical period of the city’s history. The paper’s organization should convey how the itinerary reflects the natural and built topography of the city. You should explain the significance of several sites that the itinerary describes (i.e., imagine that you are a tour guide explaining the origins and history of several sites). You will submit an Annotated Bibliography of five secondary sources and one primary source during Week 8 Discussion Section. This paper must be a minimum of 7–8 double-spaced pages in length. Be sure that the paper has a cover page stapled to the front. In addition to the pilgrimage account that you choose, your paper must interact with at least one primary source for the century in which the itinerary was composed and at least five secondary sources. For further on the difference between a primary and secondary source, see Rampolla, A Pocket Guide to Writing in History, 6–10. I also expect that you will interact some with the Limor and Reader assigned readings in the paper. I would strongly encourage you to interact thoroughly with the Armstrong textbook for this paper (it may count toward the five required secondary sources). In order to locate additional primary and secondary sources, please use the following resources: course bibliography the bibliography in Armstrong the Reference librarians in Powell Library and in the Young Research Library. You may browse online resources in order to familiarize yourself with the topic, but you may NOT use online sources such as Wikipedia, etc. as a secondary source. Use MLA style for citations and works cited page.

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