Essay should consist of: A brief; to-the-point introductory paragraph highlighti
Essay should consist of: A brief; to-the-point introductory paragraph highlighting key elements of your essay. Multiple body paragraphs, each beginning with a topic sentence that points out what will be addressed in that paragraph. Avoid paragraphs longer than three-quarters of a handwritten page. Detailed description that demonstrates your mastery of the facts presented in class and in the assigned readings that are relevant to the essay topic and to the topic of each paragraph. Explanation and analysis that points out key similarities and differences involving regions. time periods, and individuals. Also add a brief conclusion. ESSAY TOPIC: Compare and contrast representations of the following historical events: the story of Martin Guerre (in both the film and Davis' article), the story of Quamina Eddo as represented in Getz & Clarke's graphic account, and either the film Lumumba or the film Suffragette. What do the readings tell us about how these representations depict the events and the evidence? Material/resources to use or what you can find please: - Film: The Return of Martin Guerre. - Natalie Zemon Davis, "On the Lame,” The American Historical Review 93 (1988) pp. 572-603 - film: lumumba - film: Suffragette

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